One thing I love to do is browse the web for new and inspiring works from various creative fields. I tend to share some of my inspirations on my Instagram page. I don’t spend too long browsing because it can sometimes become counterproductive and tends to leave me dazzled if I am trying to get a project off the ground.

Apart from reading mainstream blogs on design and photography, Pinterest (follow me, thanks 😉 )is often my go to place for discovering amazing works you won’t find in current blogs and news feeds.

Here are some of the works that have stood out and inspired me this week.

Web design inspiration

When it comes to web design I often don’t I’m a big fan of keeping things minimal when it fits but I do love seeing websites that don’t follow trends and stay true to their brand. Whether is an unusual layout, bold beautiful colors or great use if images, there are always ways to stand out without following mainstream trends.

Graphic Design / Typography inspiration

I’ve always been fond of typography and how content can be enhanced by the type and how it interplay’s with what’s being communicated.


Photography Inspiration

If you know me personally then you’ll know how much I love photography. I’m particularly prone to street and fashion photography and have shot a few weddings on a number of occasions. I have also shot for my previous web clients like Kiwisumo, Mimi Orere and Made Western. Photography is like the glue that hold websites together and the more captivating and relevant an image is the more it works to the advantage of a website.




These are just some of the things that inspire me. The great thing about art and design is how subjective it can be. What stands out for you and where do you go to find inspiration?