6 Reasons why every freelancer needs a website

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1. Project a professional image.

neurontin 300 mg dosage Some customers consider businesses that don’t have websites to be less serious or less stable than businesses that have them. A website reinforces your capabilities. It shows your target market what you can do and what you’ve done already.

http://thebloodynerve.com/wp-content/themes/Divi/images/ A website is especially crucial if you’re a newbie without much to add to your portfolio. By just having a website, you give the impression that you know what you’re doing and will give your profile a much-needed professional touch.


2. Reach potential customers who look for businesses online.

This is true for all kinds of businesses, not just web-related ones. in our increasingly web-reliant population, a growing number of people start their searches for a local plumber, a café, a clothing store, or any other type of business on the web.

Getting direct clients is great because you don’t have to compete for jobs and you can demand higher rates compared to using freelance job sites.


3. Communicate more information

People often want more information before making a decision. A website can help paint a more comprehensive picture of your skills/ professional experience.

Customers can visit your site for more in-depth information, such as product details, portfolio pieces accomplishments, awards and certifications etc.

Also If you are engaged in multiple fields of freelancing, for example, graphic designing and content writing, then you can create separate profiles for these two on the website.


4. Facilitate word-of-mouth marketing.

Your happy customers will easily be able to share information about your business to their friends and family simply by sharing your url.

You can also include reviews and testimonials on your website. Just like word of mouth, referrals and reviews are important when you’re buying online. Having someone vouch for your services will give assurance to potential clients that you’re a reliable service provider.

If clients can see testimonials and references from other people, they’re going to be more inclined to hire you.


5. Market your business for free.

The easiest way to marketing website is to blog about a subject/topic you know about, as an extra way to share your expertise, not only with potential clients but with other people interested in your industry. Many successful freelancers get the majority of their clients come from their blogs so having a website and blogging consistently can yield positive returns for your time.

To further expand the reach of your website, you can share your blogs on your social media channels so more potential customers can come into contact with your work and website.


6.  In-depth User Analytics

Having your own website allows you to make full use of user tracking services such as Google analytics. Using an analytics tool on your website means that you can easily find out how people are finding your website, what pages get more visitors and where most of your visitors live. Information like this become very useful when implemented to your marketing plan thus making it easier to decide where most of your marketing marketing and promotional efforts should be.


We hope our reasons for why every freelancer needs a website has helped you to decided your next step on your freelancing career.

We love working with a range of businesses and freelances so if you’re ready to discuss your website project get in touch for design services or collaborations.