Colours for Designs

What I appreciate most from the web are websites that present lots of information in a digestible and friendly looking way. It’s not always easy to find websites like Neil Orange peels.

As a designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for new colours for designs and there are lots of websites out there that do a pretty good job of helping me to discover some. What I really like about this website is the way in which colours are laid out simply for quick exploration (see below). Sometimes I won’t know what colour I want until I’ve found it. For example, I knew I wanted a grey for the To-plane website colour theme but it wasn’t until browsing Neil’s website that I knew the right grey was Dark Grey and Silver.

This is what great websites do in my opinion. They help you get the information you need quickly and they make you feel good about it. There is no text on the website, no about page, no tacky sales pop-ups or messages. It does just what it’s supposed to; Display really great colours for you to find, discover and use.

So next time you’re looking for colours for designs or for whatever reason, be sure to check out Neils on the link below.